tdr0984_You should sit on the right side with Western River Railroad


Real steam locomotive attraction “Western River Railroad” that departs from Adventureland via Critter Country and Westernland.

It is a Tokyo Disneyland’s attraction that can enjoy the Park view from classic train that actually used in 19th Century in America.

I especially want to recommend the front box seat that can enjoy with calm and big space.

But it doesn’t mean you can sit there anytime, so it is difficult to aim and sit there.

So the next seat that I would like to recommend is the right side of seats.

Western River Rail Road travels clockwise from Adventureland. Therefore left side of the direction it travels faces outside of park, so the right side of the direction it travels face towards inside where all the great things gatherss.

First of all, Western River Railroad locates at the corner of Park, so the outside of park is almost all covered with wall.

Only time that can be enjoyed when sitting on the left side is when passing in front of Big Thunder Mountain.

From the things above sitting right side when riding Western River Railroad is recommended.

Please aim the right side seats for you to enjoy the Western River Railroad fully.

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