tdr0957_Audio animatronics face of Pirates of the Caribbean have models?


Adventure type attraction “Pirates of the Caribbean” has been so popular since it opened on April 15th 1983, which is when Tokyo Disneyland opened.

One of the attractiveness of this attraction is audio animatronics that recreated the world of pirates so real.

The way it looks so real and expression that has full realistic sensation is must see.

Pirates that are made finely that as if they are actually there, but that feeling is not so wrong.

Actually all the faces of pirates are made based on Imagineer (technician) who took apart of developing “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

It is surprising all the faces like scary face, foolish face, and wasted face have models, but it is such a great performance for Imagineers that it became like a commemoration of taking apart of developing it.

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