tdr0952_Certain thing that is lucky when seeing it at Pirates of the Caribbean


“Pirates of the Caribbean” renewed hugely by adopting film of “Pirates of the Caribbean on July 20th 2007.

Popular character like “Captain Jack Sparrow” appears and now it became an adventure type attraction that is so popular at Tokyo Disneyland.

Anyway, do you know there is a thing that is so lucky if you could happen to see during this attraction?

What kind of thing is it to make us lucky?

Right after the attraction start “Blue Bayou Restaurant” appears on right hand side and when looking up at place where the restaurant appear you might see the “shooting star”.

Frequency of this shooting star is once in a minute.

It seems there is high possibility of seeing the shooting star, but when the timing is wrong or not knowing the place where you can see the shooting star then you might not be able to see it.

When planning to enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean then pay attention to the shooting star to not miss it.

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