tdr0943_Tokyo Disneyland’s “Splash Mountain” is world number one?


“Splash Mountain” is the only attraction that guests get water splash at Tokyo Disneyland.

It is an attraction that gatherings popularity as one of three biggest mountains and this attraction also exists with Magic Kingdom and Disneyland in America.

Especially “Splash Mountain” at Tokyo Disneyland has the longest course that it has about 2800 feet.

Although, I am sure that number doesn’t really hit you, so when comparing with other Park’s “Splash Mountain’s” length…

Tokyo Disneyland: about 2,800 feet
Disneyland (California): 2,640 feet
Magic Kingdom (Florida): about 2,600 feet

As you can see Tokyo Disneyland’s Splash Mountain is 160 feet longer than Disneyland in California.

This is a huge difference.

By the way, the height of “Splash Mountain” of Tokyo Disneyland has about 100 feet, so it is highest comparing other Disney Parks.

It is quite proud to have world number one record by outclassing the real and home of Disneyland.

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