tdr0921_Where has the most attractions at Tokyo Disneyland?


Tokyo Disneyland has attracted many guests with many attractions since it opened in 1983.

There are attractions that are loved since the Park opened having renovations or attractions that are added newly, so it is not exaggerated to say that various attractions that are locating in the suitable theme land is creating the dreamland.

Anyway, Tokyo Disneyland has full of attractive attractions, but number of attractions that are set in each theme land is uneven that theme land with least attractions is only 2 attractions and theme land with most attractions is 11.

So, which theme land has the most attractions?

Theme land that has the most attractions at Tokyo Disneyland is “Fantasyland”, which is located at the back of Park center.

Fantasyland is the biggest theme land of Tokyo Disneyland. Therefore, it naturally has more attractions.

Moreover, redevelopment of Fantasyland occurs from March 2015 to March 2024, so it is already decided adding more attractions and facilities than now.

It is a theme land with many attractions now, but to up grading more … it is quite luxury.

By the way the number of attractions by theme land is below.

[Theme land: Number of attractions]

Critter Country: 2
World Bazar: 3
Adventureland: 5
Westernland: 5
Tomorrowland: 7
ToonTown: 7
Fantasyland: 11
(As of November 2015)

When checking the map of Tokyo Disneyland it is clear that number of attractions is depending on the area.

When planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland it is recommended and more efficient to make a plan based on the each theme land’s number of attractions.

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