tdr0894_Super rare!? Sheriff badge that can get even the score is perfect


“Westernland Shooting Gallery” is an attraction that is located in Westernland of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is a shooting type attraction that can play 10 rounds per play.

Guests will be using guns with infrared and when the sensor on target receives infrared that sent from the gun then that’s a hit and scorecard with message and sheriff Goofy illustration comes out after playing.

The key of the scorecard is that message changes according to the score that when hitting all the 10 rounds the rave message of ” You are the gun man of the West! Garah! Nuthin’ but bull’s-eyes!” comes out and other than that guest could get silver sheriff badge with Donald design.

It feels great just hitting the targets all the 10 rounds, but also guest could get the badge is incredible!

Although, it is not that easy to hit the targets perfectly, so I am sure there are many people giving up like “there is no way”.

But I guess you want the badge, right?

Actually there is a chance of getting that badge even you are not good at shooting.

That is when the scorecard says “Lucky”.

When it says “Lucky” regardless of score the “gold” sheriff badge with Donald design can be get. To be able to get gold badge, which is one rank above than silver that is given to guests who hit the targets perfectly is quite amazing that it makes you wanting to show off.

This sheriff badge design sometimes changes due to event limitedly, so it is recommended to play whether you are good at shooting or not.

May be you end up having super rare limited badge.

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