tdr0889_Recommended seat that allows enjoy Western River Railroad fully


“Western River Railroad” is a steam locomotive that runs inside Tokyo Disneyland.

It is a “real steam locomotive” that operates looped line by having an entrance gate at Adventureland and goes around by going through Critter Country and Westernland.

Anyway, the highlight of this attraction is to enjoy the view while relaxing.

View of the park from inside the locomotive surely feels different than the view guest sees while walking, so the view would be refreshing. With such Western River Railroad there is a seat that can enjoy the attraction fully.

That seat is “front seat”.

Western River Railroad’s first row seat and second row seat is facing each other, so it is like a booth.

Guests are not often taken to the first row that is facing opposite to the direction it goes, so guests tend to taken from the second row, so practically guests who got to sit on the second row can relax with booth.

Also, view from the front seat can feel the wind, able to feel the presence so much, and guests who are on the same track not tend to get in your sight, so guests on front seat can enjoy more.

Western River Railroad seats get decided by a cast, so you cannot choose the front seat to sit, but if you are lucky enough to get to sit on the front seat, please enjoy fully.

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