tdr0837_What kind of thing is installed on “Rivers of America” to navigate safely?


“Rivers of America” is located at Westernland of Tokyo Disneyland.

There is “Tom Sawyer Island” is located at center and it has lively atmosphere by vehicle departing and arriving such as ” Mark Twain Riverboat”, “Beavers Brother’s Explorer Canoe” and “Tom Sawyer Island Rafts”.

Anyway, because it is rivers that gather many vehicles like riverboat, canoe, and rafts, so don’t you get worried about accidents? Even paying attention to what is happening around is not enough of making the worry to go away and when it is dark around it is lack of trustworthiness.

So, how it is managing the navigation?

Actually it is controlling the accidents by installing “traffic light” at Rivers of America”.

The traffic light is installed just before the “Burn House”.

Plants are growing wildly around the house and it has full of natural feeling and the traffic light is set on one of the trees.

It is a measure that makes vehicles to navigate safely without breaking natural landscape or view of the world.

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