tdr0824_What song is the melody on Q line of Mickey’s PhilharMagic?


On January 24th 2011, theatre type attraction “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” was opened at Fantasyland of Tokyo Disneyland.

The title of attraction is made by combing “philharmonic” and “Magic” and it is an attraction that stimuli five senses such as thrilling 3D image that takes guests to world of many Disney films with beautiful songs that Mickey conducts, smell that stimuli sense of smell, or special effects that blows up water or wind.

Anyway, on the wall of Q line (waiting queue) has design of huge staff notation with notes or music that is showing some song, whish is so perfect for the theme of music is drawn… but don’t you get curious about the staff notation and the music that is drawn is fake or not?

Actually there is a song that is in motif of design exists.

Melody of staff notation that is hugely on the wall is “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and music is “Mickey Mouse March” is on the wall.

Both songs are deeply related to Mickey and famous songs.

Never compromise even one little design, it can feel Disney’s cared quality.

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