tdr0802_Nix sign on It’s a Small World’s boat


In this world there are so many kinds of signs.

We often see nix sign.

I am sure you have seen the red circle with diagonal line from left top to right bottom to go over the picture that is subjected as prohibited.

Actually that red circle with diagonal line mark, which is indicating prohibited behavior is created by taking from alphabet of “NO” that by putting on top of each other making that sign and now it is used often to make people know the prohibited behavior at one view.

Nix signs have major ones like no-smoking sign or original version of nix sign and did you know that “original nix sign” can be found at “It’s a Small World”, which is a popular Tokyo Disneyland’s attraction?

That sign is on the boat that is used at attraction.

To make contrast of good example and bad example, so there is a sign of “correct way of getting on the boat” on the left side and nix signs of “rampaging on the boat” on the right side, so it is design to make it stand out, so everyone can understand at first view.

When seeing picture of a person rampaging you might think “who would do that”, but because someone in the past did it and caused troubles with other guests, so this sign was created.

Even Tokyo Disneyland is a dreamland to rampage and being selfish is breach of manner.

Let’s enjoy with having manners and not making any troubles with other guests.

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