tdr0785_Watching original boosts up enjoyment? Renewed “Star Tours” is awesome!


“Star Tours” was opened at Tokyo Disneyland on July 12th 1989.

The construction fee of this attraction was $140 million at the rate of back then.

At the opening ceremony that was held on the day it opened “George Lucas” who is a director of “Star Wars” came and join and made delightful start.

After about 23 years, on April 2nd 2012 the attraction was closed for complete renovation and opened as “Star Tours: The Adventures Continue” on May 7th 2013.

After throwing about $70 million it became an attraction that can be enjoyed high quality, high resolution, and high-definition 3D images.

Of course there are more things that renovated other than “3D”. The story has made changes hugely.

Before the renewal, the after story of “Star Wars Episode 6 The return of Jedi”, which is last film of triptych was used and the characters was limited.

But after the renewal the story between last film of new triptych “Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith” and start film of previous triptych “Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope”, so full major characters appear during attraction.

“Yoda” or “Darth Vader” that familiar with everyone appear and bring the excitement of attraction up.

Also, one of huge changes that made is “story gets different each time”.

The story is divided into 4 and each divergent point it has several patterns like “2 patterns x 3 patterns x 3 patterns x 3 patterns” and by combining differently every time it makes up 54 different stories in total.

It is a performance that let guests to find new things rather than making them bored.

“Star Tours” reappeared by becoming an attraction that is perfect for Star Wars fans.

It is enjoyable without knowing anything, but I recommend watching the original films to boost up the excitement.

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