tdr0770_”Hidden Mickey” that is hidden at Pooh’s Hunny Hunt


“Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” is a ride type attraction and have an adventure of 100 Acre of forest by going on a “hunny pot” shaped ride.

It is an attraction that guests want to get on for once when going to Tokyo Disneyland, but actually there is “hidden Mickey”, which is familiar with Disney park at this attraction too.

1: Pattern of laundry shirt.

During the attraction there is a scene Rabbit holding on to the string, which is used to hang the laundry to bear from strong wind and “red shirt pattern” that is hanged on the string is in “Mickey shape”.

Although, it is blown by wind, so it is quite hard to see it.

2: Baby elephant that appears in Pooh’s dream.

At towards the end of attraction elephant of Heffalump and weasel of Woozle appear with pot and hat of baby elephant with camera is in Mickey shape.

This is quite difficult to see, because it is bit dark.

3: Red flower that is located at entrance of outside passage.

Red flowers are decorated in arch shaped at entrance of outside passage that guests go through after the attraction and one of the flowers is in Mickey shape.

You might not be able to find it quick, because the flower is so small.

Hidden Mickey that is already found is these three in above.

Although Disney never compromises about performance, so may be there are more hidden Mickey.

“Hidden Mickey” that is hidden everywhere, don’t you get curious how many of it is hiding?

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