tdr0757_Secret of “Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!”; how does Roz change what she says?


The popular attraction “Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!” in Tokyo Disneyland was renewed on May 1, 2010.

This ride attraction is designed as a sequel to the Pixar’s popular film “Monsters, Inc.” You ride a vehicle called “Security Tram” and use flashlights to spot the hiding monsters.

If you shine the light onto “M” symbols on the Monsters’ helmets, they show various reactions, which entertain both children and adults. By the way, at the end of this attraction, something strange happens.

In the final scene, you will see Roz at the document control room.

Roz is a snail-like lady monster with black horn-rimmed glasses. She talks to the guests, but there are a variety of versions of what she says to the guests.

For example, suppose that a man wearing glasses is in the first row…

Then, she says “Hey young man in the first row, your glasses look so nice. Why don’t you exchange those with mine? See you again.” As such, what she says strangely match the guest she refers to.

How is it possible?

The mechanism has not been officially disclosed, but it appears that there are several patterns of pre-determined lines, consisting of identification of a guest (young man, young lady, etc. in the first/second/third row), characteristic of the guest, and a short farewell message, and a cast member who monitors the guests backstage selects a combination of words.

Her lines about the guests’ characteristics include…

(To a guest wearing a mask) “Your mask looks nice.”
(To a guest wearing glasses) “Your glasses look nice. Why don’t you exchange them with mine?”
(To a guest wearing a Mickey/Minnie item) “You look like Mickey (Minnie) Mouse.”
(To a guest wearing an ear band) “Your ears look cute.” “Are you wearing an accessory on your head?”
(To a guest wearing a character hat) “A monster is on your head.”
(To a school-age guest) “Did you get your homework done?”

Others include…

(To a male guest) “You are handsome for being a human. You are my type.”
“You are so cool. Shall I go out with you sometime?”
(To a female guest) “You look so cute, exactly like when I was young.”
“You are too cute for a human.”

As above, she often compliments the guests on their appearance.

Some lines are about warning the guests:
(To a guest still holding a flash light) “Please return the flash light to the original position.”
(To a guest secretly trying to take a picture) “A camera again? Get my good side.” “Follow the rules. I can see through anything.”

There seem to be several other patterns.

Lastly, she says:

“See you”, “Bye bye”, “Thank you”, “Nah ah”, “Okay”, “Good”, “Call me”…

Then you pass her.

Those above are just examples and there are many other versions.

If you have never been and want to be spoken to by Roz, try wearing something conspicuous next time.

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