tdr0748_”Monsters, Inc. “Ride & Go Seek!” is the world after the film?


“Monsters, Inc. “Ride & Go Seek!” is a popular Tokyo Disneyland attraction that renewed on May 1st 2010 after opening it on April 15th 2009.

It is created in motif of film “Monsters, Inc.” and it is an attraction full of laughter.

Anyway, during the film of “Monsters, Inc.” monsters gather scream by scaring the kids in tank, but at the end they were gathering laughter.

It is obvious knowledge for fans, but this attraction is about “the world after the film” and performance related to “laughter” can be found outside the attraction.

One is company policy that up on the entrance.

The original company policy of “Monsters, Inc.” is “WE SCARE BECAUSE WE CARE”, but because it is world after the film the company policy up on the entrance says “IT’S LAUGHTER WE’RE AFTER”.

And another one is fastpass ticket booth.

This ticket booth has energy tank that can gather voices and “Giggle O Meter” and the laughter that gathered at here shows up on the meter above waiting time board.

As you can see there are many performances regardless of inside or outside the attraction, so guests can experience as if they have stepped in the world of “Monsters, Inc.”.

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