tdr0745_”Number of capacity of Tom Sawyer Island Rafts” is actually big?


“Tom Sawyer Island” is located at Westernland of Tokyo Disneyland.

Because it is surrounded by Rivers of America, so to land the Tom Sawyer Island guests have to go on “Tom Sawyer Island Rafts”.

When hearing “rafts” it seems powerless, but “rafts” that “Tom Sawyer Island Rafts” uses “rafts type power-driven vessel”, so it is very powerful.

I am sure people who have seen it already realized, but it is created bigger and safer than you think.

Therefore, number of capacity is unimaginable than it allows 55 guests to go on the raft at once.

Just hearing “55 people on raft” makes you feel dizzy, but it is a proper ship that approved from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism Kanto District Transport Bureau that “it is irregular passage business that ships people”.

“55 people on ship” doesn’t seem scary.

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