tdr0741_What party is hold at “Haunted Mansion”?


“Haunted Mansion” is an horror attraction that became typical at Tokyo Disneyland.

When stepping into old mansion that 999 ghosts live it is totally different world than dreamland. Weird world exist at there that ghost trying to invite you to their 1,000’s ghost.

Anyway, that scary, but popular attraction, Haunted Mansion, it is not just a dark world ghosts seem having a fun life at there.

“Certain event” is hold, which is imbalanced with ghosts inside the mansion, do you know what kind of event that is?

That event is “birthday party”.

The party is hold at ball area.

You can see ghosts dancing around at the side of long table with cake with candles and food.

And what interesting about this is the performance after.

When some ghost blows the candles on birthday cake all the ghosts disappear.

Oppositely when the fire catches on candles ghosts appear again.

Isn’t it such an interesting performance that ghosts disappear and reappear by linking the candles fire of birthday cake?

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