tdr0732_Untold story of adapting “Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare” Halloween limited


“Haunted Mansion is a horror type attraction that opened April 15th 1983, which is at the same time Tokyo Disneyland and has been loved by many people since.

During Halloween season “Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare”, which took ideas from film “Nightmare Before Christmas” was limitedly opened.

The content and exterior is totally different and it appears as totally a new attraction, so guests who are used to with original attraction can enjoy freshly.

Anyway, “Holiday Nightmare” is happening since September 2004, which is the first year holding this event, but this wasn’t planning to perform in Japan.

But how come it appeared in Japan?

First this special version was performed at Disneyland in California. And this special version appeared as “Haunted Mansion Holiday” and it was a big success.

By that development of plot was started to adapt that to Magic Kingdom of Florida, but due to some circumstance it was canceled. So Tokyo Disneyland became next target.

Actually Tokyo Disneyland’s “Haunted Mansion’s” design is using Magic Kingdom’s as a base, so diversion of plot was possible.

If the developed plot was adapted to Magic Kingdom as it planned then It would never appeared in Japan… When knowing the circumstances, it boosts up the specialty.

It is a rare Halloween limited attraction, so how about experiencing it if you haven’t.

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