tdr0729_Which attraction changed the name often?


“Star Jets” is a rocket that rise so high at Tokyo Disneyland Tomorrowland, which has theme of near future.

It is circling in the air type attraction with full of near future-atmosphere that jet shaped ride going around the huge rocket.

It is opened on April 15th 1983, which Tokyo Disneyland opened.

Since that it has been loved for long time.

The place that became the base is Disneyland of California itself. It is first Disneyland, so it is obvious, but it is opened in 1956 with a name of “Astro Jets”.

But after that name was changed repeatedly…

The name was changed to “Tomorrowland Jets”, because it is jets that is located at Tomorrowland and “Rocket Jets”, because it is rocket and jets.

Everyone thought it is enough of changing the names, but because the design changed from near future-like exterior (same as Tokyo Disneyland) to retro future design due to renovation in 1997 and the name was changed to “Astro Orbiter” to match the attraction that already opened at Magic Kingdom of Florida.

By the way, the retro future design of “Astro Orbiter” is adopted “Orbitron”, which exists at Disneyland Paris exactly the same and now circling in the air type attraction with near future-like design like “Star Jets” is only exists in Japan.

When hearing it is only exists in Japan it makes us feel so special.

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