tdr0724_There is a name on Donald’s Boat? The meaning of the name


“Donald’s Boat” is located in ToonTown of Tokyo Disneyland.

As the name says, it is a boat that Disney character “Donald” owns and it is double layered structure that it is a free action type attraction, which is popular with small kids that they can play walking around the boat freely, slide that shaped boiler tube, and touch rudder and horn.

Did you know that this such “Donald’s Boat” has “boat name” actually?

The name is “Miss Daisy”

Surprisingly it is named after Donald’s girlfriend “Daisy Duck”.

It is obvious that when seeing at the stern it says “MISS DAISY” big. Other than that it says on the life preserver that is on the boat.

Also, at the bow there is goddess that is like Daisy, therefore it can feel how Donald care about Daisy, but actually there is another reason putting “his girlfriend’s name”.

This boat is flew with force of balloon from his hometown “Duckburg”, but the person who brought the idea of transportation method is “Daisy” matter of fact.

Because there is such backstory that is why the boat is named “Miss Daisy”.

More digging deep, more tasteful the performance of Disney gets. These elaborations capture Disney fans.

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