tdr0722_”Madam Leota” who appears in Haunted Mansion had a model?


“Haunted Mansion” is a weird mansion that 999 of ghosts live.

Inside the mansion ghosts wriggle and inviting guests to make part of them everyday.

And “Madam Leota” is the one who controls such ghosts skillfully.

She is a female spiritualist that only her face shown inside crystal.

Her pale skin that doesn’t seem blood is going through, strong eyes, and heavy makeup….The impact is huge even just her face. Madam Leota has such a face that cannot forget that easily when seeing her once, but actually there is a model of her.

That person is… a woman who worked as an imagineer at Disney Company “Leota Thomas” (former name: Leota Toombs)

Imagineer is a creator that creates imagination or image into a shape. And Leota Thomas who became a model of Madam Leota is worked as one of creators.

She is good looking that her face gave strong impact. So, other staff created rubber mask then “Madam Leota” was born.

The reason her name is “Leota” is because name was taken from the model.

And also the “Little Leota” who appears at last of Haunted Mansion is also created by having a model of “Leota Thomas”.

And isn’t it surprising that actual “Leota Thomas” done the voice of Little Leota.

To acquire an idea from close relationship cannot be brought up with armatures and by that Leota Thomas is leaving her existence forever.

She probably event didn’t think her face would be left in the world even now.

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