tdr0709_4 different animals are hidden at “Big Thunder Mountain”


“Big Thunder Mountain” is a leading attraction of Tokyo Disneyland that is also called “Three Biggest Mountains” along “Splash Mountain” and “Space Mountain”.

It was built at Westernland with total coast of $80 million (at rate of back then) and since it opened on July 4th 1987, it is a roller coaster type attraction that has been loved for long time.

Anyway, “Big Thunder Mountain” is one of Tokyo Disneyland’s typical attractions, but did you know that faces of 4 different kinds of animal appear during the attraction?

First, one of animals appears at the second corner that comes after getting on the ride, climb, and fall. At that point you can see “opossum”, which is an animal that looks similar to mouse on the tree on left side.

One of them is just showing the face quietly near the root of tree, but what you want to pay attention is at brunch of the tree.

At brunch of the tree kid and parent of opossum is hanged down by entwining the tails and these two goes around by wind pressure of train that is out of control.

It is quite a funny performance.

The next animal is “coyote”, which is an animal that is similar to wolf.

It is located on cliff on the top right of tunnel entrance, which is further inside the tree with opossum, but this is actually easy to overlook, so pay attention.

And third one is “bat” can be seen inside the tunnel.

As if it is a real bat the eyes glows, so it is relatively easy to find.

In a way “big horn sheep” is easiest to find.

You can see it looking down bravely from top of the rocky mountain.

“Big Thunder Mountain” is relatively slow among other roller coaster type attractions, so it is recommended to enjoy the attraction by taking pictures of animals while riding.

Please try to find those animals.

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