tdr0703_Monster’s voice can be heard? Monsters, Inc. fastpass ticket booth


“Monsters, Inc. “Ride & Go Seek!” is an attraction that renewed on May 1st 2009 after opening on April 15th 2009, which is 26th year of Tokyo Disneyland opened.

It is an attraction that is in motif of world behind “Monsters, Inc.”, which is Pixar’s popular film and it is popular spot that always have long queue since it opened.

Anyway, there is fastpass at “Monsters, Inc. “Ride & Go Seek!” and did you know that this ticket booth has certain trick that doesn’t have with other ticket booths?

Actually, “Monster’s voice” plays randomly every time purchasing the ticket.

Isn’t it such a funny trick?

Also pay attention to the shape of this ticket booth.

With this ticket booth, energy tank that gathers voice and “Giggle O Meter” that appeared in film of “Monsters, Inc.” is on it and where ticket coming out looks like as if it is smiling and tongue that sticks out from the mouth.

It is Monsters, Inc. like shape that started to gather energy by screaming and laughing. And “laughing” that gathered at the ticket booth is shown on meter that exists the waiting time board.

When getting fastpass, please pay attention to the monster’s voice and laughing meter.

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