tdr0697_Racing car has sensor? Surprising minor collision prevention system


“Grand Circuit Raceway” is a popular go-kart type attraction that located at Tomorrowland of Tokyo Disneyland.

Even it is a go-kart type, it runs on the rail that is set on the course. Guests go on the two seater-racing car and run.

Anyway, at “Grand Circuit Raceway” is managed to start having distance between the cars that depart before for the prevention of cars contacting.

That is how it maintaining the distance between the cars, but actually that is not it.

Actually sensor is set on the racing car itself that when the cars get too close that sensor activates and apply the brakes automatically to control the distance of the cars.

By that it is preventing the cars contacting by speeding too much or contacting with car that is behind by running too slow.

It is great that kids who are not used to control the speed don’t have chance to create minor collision.

This can be seen how Disney is strict about safety.

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