tdr0690_Latest technology of Haunted Mansion is incredible! Mysterious mirror effect


“Haunted Mansion” is a horror type ride attraction that has 999 of ghosts residents and is an attraction that represents Tokyo Disneyland.

Inside the eerie mansion there are full of tricks that scare guests.

Especially “hitchhiker” who is located at further inside graveyard getting on the ride without permission and mirror projecting that with guests has such a huge impact.

I am sure many people have surprised when seeing it for the first time.

But, this trick is only the beginning. In America there is “mirror effect” that made further progress.

This scary trick can be seen at “Haunted Mansion” that is located inside of “Magic Kingdom” of “Walt Disney World”.

The exterior of building or inside structure is almost the same as Japanese one, but the renewal was occurred in 2007 and 2011 and latest technology was adopted.

The “mirror effect” is also one of that and it is adopted when renewed in 2011.

On the scene of “hitchhiker” getting on the ride some mysterious performance started to occur such as making the guest’s face bloated, putting mustache, or exchanging the face with ghost, or removing neck.

This “mirror effect” is so popular that there are people who go and visit “Magic Kingdom” all the way from Japan to experience this mystery.

May be this will be adapted to attraction in Tokyo Disneyland near future.

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