tdr0686_Consumption water of Western River Railroad is unbelievable!


A steam locomotive attraction “Western River Railroad” was opened at the same time Tokyo Disneyland, which is on April 15th 1983.

It is a real steam locomotive that uses heavy oil when it was opened and now uses kerosene as a fuel and it is an attraction that goes around Adventureland to Critter Country via Westernland.

Anyway, because “Western River Railroad” is a real locomotive as I have explained above, so it is obvious that it needs “water”. Even it is an attraction, but structure is steam locomotive, so the amount of water that it needs is same as the real one.

Then how much of water does it need to go around?

The track length of “Western River Railroad” is 385.77 feet long.

Needed water to go around is actually 528.34 gallon. 528.34 gallon is 10 times of normal bath hot water amount (52.83 gallon).

When thinking it is using 10 days of bath water to go around makes your perspective differently.

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