tdr0682_The size of white horses inside and outside of Castle Carousel is different?


“Castle Carousel” is a huge carousel that Tokyo Disneyland proudly presents.

The graceful exterior that took theme of Cinderella draws attention even from far away.

This is an attraction with full of creativity that 90 rocking horses are all white horses and there is no white horse that looks the same, but there is other preference is performed with this attraction.

That is “the size of white horses”.

Actually the white horses are lined up to make the white horse’s size “inside-outside”.

Therefore, the white horses gets bigger as it gets outside.

But why is it lined up like that?

That reason is to create perspective.

By making the outside bigger and inside smaller it emphasizes the perspective to make the Castle Carousel bigger itself. Plus there is a merit of guests can choose the white horse according to their body size.

Carousel has a strong image of same size and same shape rocking horses just going around, but to make this an attractive attraction by elaborating can only done by Disney.

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