tdr0677_Rare racing car exist at “Grand Circuit Raceway”?


“Grand Circuit Raceway” is go-kart type attraction that opened in Tomorrowland at the same time Tokyo Disneyland opened.

It is a popular attraction that runs two seater race car along the rail that set on the course.

Anyway, the racing car that is provided at this attraction has 6 different colors such as red, blue, yellow, light green, and white and each color of racing car is provided several numbers, but actually there was a racing car with different color used to exist in the past.

That color is “orange”.

Among many racing cars only one racing car had color of orange. *Now (as of May 2015) this orange racing car does not exist)

The way this kind of hidden element or rare element is one of the way of enjoying Disney park.

By the way, the whole site of “Grand Circuit Raceway” became the planned site of Fantasyland by “project of redevelopment of Tokyo Disneyland Fantasyland”, which announced on October 30th 2014.

Therefore, the “Grand Circuit Raceway” have high possibility of moving to different place or abolished. If you haven’t experienced or want to experience this attraction again then make your action quick.

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