tdr0675_The secret of paddle that uses with “Beaver Brothers Canoe Explorer”


“Beaver Brothers Explorer” is an activity type attraction of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is a popular attraction since the Tokyo Disneyland opened that goes around ring shaped “American River” that has 2296.59 feet by casts and guests cooperating with canoe that has 16 seats.

Anyway, item that is necessary when speaking of canoe is “paddle”.

By manipulating the paddle the canoe goes the direction that you want, but there are “slight trick” with this paddle that cannot be recognize without getting told.

The trick is the “length”.

Actually, the length differs on casts paddle, guests puddle, and kids puddle.

The puddle that guests use has 3.93 feet and kids have 2.95 feet.

The cast’s puddle that is set at the bow has 4.92 feet and cast’s puddle that is set stern has 5.24 feet. You might think it is only 11inch to 15 inch, but this has huge difference.

It is quite difficult to move the canoe to the direction you want and it is hard for beginner to handle the puddle.

So, casts who are so used to with canoe become active, but the number of casts are less than guests, that is why casts puddle are made longer to lead the canoe.

Although, don’t you think it is hard for casts to lead the canoe with many guests? I am sure it is not that easy thing to do even they are trained.

Thank you casts for working hard for the guests.

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