tdr0664_Way too quick! Attraction that closed after only 2 years


At Tokyo Disney Resort there are typical attractions that are loved since the Disney park opened, new attractions that becoming popular and many other attractions are operating.

There are attractions that are closed while new attractions appear and there is “an attraction that closed 2 years after it opened” at Tokyo Disneyland before.

That attraction is “Magic Journeys”.

It is a 3D film attraction that used to locate in Tomorrowland.

It opened on January 17th 1985 and was closed December 1st 1986, which is 2 years after it opened.

But why it closed so quickly?

Actually, Michael Jackson’s 3D film “Captain EO” was decided to play from March 20th 1987 using the facility of “Magic Journeys”.

Therefore, “Magic Journey” closed after 2 years and “Captain EO” opened after 5 months.

There is nothing really can be done that there are attractions that changes quick even there are attractions that are loved for long time on the other hand.

It is recommended to check the attraction statues to not let the problem of “attraction closed without noticing” happen.

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