tdr0621_The reason that horror attraction tends to get “suspended” often


Ride type attractions like roller coasters are indispensable with theme park.

There are scream type ride attractions and ride attractions that can be enjoyed by people who are not big fan of scream type attraction at Tokyo Disney Resort and it is crowded with many guests everyday.

Anyway, trouble that tends to happen with such popular ride attractions is “suspension”.

Suspensions occur by the reason of machine trouble or guests dropping belongings, but there is an attraction that gets suspended quite often.

That attraction is “Haunted Mansion”, which is an attraction set place in a mansion that 999 of ghosts live.

It is a very popular horror type ride attraction of Tokyo Disneyland that goes the route by getting on 3 seater ride that shapes black chair, which is called “Doom Baggy (car of death)”.

Then why this “Haunted Mansion” gets suspended often?

It would be very appropriate to say it is because of ghosts, but the actual reason is because the revelator of platform of “Doom Baggy”.

At “Haunted Mansion”, platform moves along the ride moves for guests to get on the ride smoothly.

Normally people could get on the ride with no problem, but there are guests who have physical difficulty like coming with “wheelchair” or have limitation of movement due to aging cannot get on easily.

Then the attraction would have to have a pause and assists the guests to get on the ride.

It is simply a service that takes “safety” as priority rather than breakdown or machine troubles.

Remember that it doesn’t always mean “suspended often = breakdown often”.

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