tdr0617_What’s special about the renovated “Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions”


The attraction “Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions” was renewed and reopened on September 8, 2014.

With additional music boosting the exploration mood as well as the fantastic illumination at nighttime, the attraction has been totally reborn. Today, we introduce you to the new, more enjoyable and mysterious Jungle Cruise.

This attraction takes you on a boat ride through the jungle with various animals. In the boat, decorated with amulets, you will hear background music that matches the atmosphere of each scene, which boosts the adventurous mood.

Of course, there is also the humorous, skillful narration by the skipper as the former cruise.

After you see the crocodiles and elephants as before, the skipper suddenly freaks out with something. You will find a gorilla playing with a pistol that was left behind by a human. Then, the gorilla fires it at the boat!

This is definitely a nail-biting moment.

As you pass the African prairie, you will see giraffes, lions and other animals.

The boat continues sailing with background Disney music, when suddenly a giant anaconda appears in front of you. The animal here has changed from python to anaconda in the renewal, making the scene even more exciting and overwhelming.

After the African prairie, the boat proceeds to a wetland area with hippopotamuses.

As a new element, the boat is surrounded by fog here, which arouses the guests’ anxiety.

Then, the skipper finds deserted remains.

When the boat tries to go into the remains, a cobra appears at the entrance, making a thrilling atmosphere. The skipper nervously enters into a lost temple, believing in the amulets decorated on the boat.

Here, inside the temple, something new happens which did not before the renewal.

This effect makes it a completely different Jungle Cruise from before. Don’t miss it.

It will definitely surprise you.

After the temple, the boat enters an area with happy-looking elephants and cheerful background music. With colorful flowers and sunshine-like lights, this scene has a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere. In the last scene, the Trader Sam is selling something new after the renewal.

What is the most special about the renewed Jungle Cruise is the night cruise.

After dark, the attraction is switched to a night version and provides a wonderful night cruise.

Right after setting out, the boat is surrounded by glow of fireflies.

Then it goes along African prairie and wetland in the moonlight with a romantic atmosphere. The eyes of crocodiles are gleaming out ominously. Elephants and hippopotamuses are also lighted up.

The night cruise makes thrilling scenes even more thrilling and mysterious scenes even more mysterious.

This night version starts when the streetlights inside Disneyland start turning on. Of course, the attraction has totally different atmosphere between the daytime and after the sun has set completely.

The narration of skipper also changes to a night version.

Another thing renewed this time is the “pre-show area”.

The area was totally renewed so that the guests can enjoy without getting bored even while waiting in line to board.

Soon after the area, you will find a notebook for communication among skippers, which you can pick up and read freely. It is so fun to read that you may not be able to stop reading.

On the walls are letters from sailors who went on the jungle cruise and lost and found items. The letters are written in various languages, so why don’t you try to find and read ones written in Japanese?

As you proceed, there is a skippers’ rest room. There are a chess set and other items left behind.

On the wall is skippers’ lunch menu for the week written in English. If you do not understand English, please try looking the meals up in a dictionary. You will definitely be amazed at them.

Also, a map of the entire jungle and pictures of animals/plants in the jungle are hanging on the wall, which makes you more excited to go on the cruise.

If you strain your ears, you will hear a radio program in which the skippers are DJ’ing.

As described above, the renewal not only adds more excitement during the cruise and makes the daytime and nighttime cruises different but also makes the waiting time more enjoyable.

With the changes, you can now enjoy this participatory attraction even deeper.

You are really recommended to try the new Jungle Cruise both in the daytime and night time to enjoy it to the full extent.

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