tdr0612_People who want to experience thrill shouldn’t miss! The trick that make thrill increases of “Big Thunder Mountain”


“Big Thunder Mountain” is an attraction that is created in motif of mine train that runs out of control abandon mine.

Since it opened on July 4th 1987 it is loved by people for so long and is one of popular “3 biggest mountains” with “Splash Mountain” and “Space Mountain”

The maximum speed is 30.45 mph.

It is third fastest attraction of Tokyo Disneyland after “Splash Mountain(38.53mph)” and “Space Mountain (30.45mph)”.

It is a quite thrilling attraction, but it feels something is missing for guests who are used to with scream type attraction.

So, I would like to recommend “contrive the seating”.

Actually when you just sit on the right side of roller coaster you can experience more of thrill.

I am sure many people already, know, but “Big Thunder Mountain” moves counterclockwise against towering mountains.

Therefore, seats on the right side becomes outside of direction of rotation, so right side gets more of centrifugal force.

Please give a try if you want to feel more thrill.

Oppositely, if you are not a big fan of roller coaster rides then it would be better to sit on left side.

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