tdr0602_”The Country Bear Band” is a famous musician?


There is a show type attraction called “The Country Bear Theatre”, which is musical played by 18 bears at Westernland of Tokyo Disneyland.

The way “The Country Bear Band” who plays music move looks very real and very comical.

Silly bear, easily elated bear, bear shakes his butt, and drunk bear….unique bears welcome the guests.

Anyway, Did you know such pleasant band “The Country Bear Band” is actually an excellent band?

They have achieved huge success that cannot imagine from comical bears.

That achievements are “best seller of record” and “world tour went for 90 countries”.

To bring such delightful friends and going for 90 countries and play at each place is record-breaking.

It is a huge achievement that cannot even achieved by famous musicians.

Because they have done such activities, their record was sold over 1,000,000 records.

To celebrate that golden disk made of log and trophy was given to “The Country Bear Band” and now it is placed at wedding space of “The Country Bear Theatre”.

They don’t seem like they would leave such huge achievement, but the music they play is so real.

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