tdr0574_How many secrets about the TDL Minnie’s House do you know?


Tokyo Disneyland is popular for its wonderful attractions, dream-like parades and dynamic concepts and performance, but there is more. There are a number of small tricks and ingenuity hidden that you can easily miss unless paying careful attention, which also makes Disneyland special.

This article features the Minnie’s House in Toontown and introduces you to some secrets and tricks hidden there, which will make your next visit more enjoyable.

1: Visit the Minnie’s House

Since established inside TDL in 1996, Toontown has been very popular as an area where the guests can most closely interact with Disney characters.

Among others, the Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey is extremely popular among Disney fans and always has a long line because if you visit there, you can always meet Mickey.

Unfortunately, this attraction is so popular that you have to wait for a very long time to enter.

Especially those who have children or limited time because of transportation to go home may have had to give up getting inside.

Well, Toontown is for you guys.

It’s a town where many Disney characters live their daily lives.

Looking around, you will find the area is filled with exiting and fun attractions, such as Donald’s Boat, Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House, and Chip ‘n Dale Treehouse.

Especially recommended among these is the Minnie’s House, located next to the Mickey’s House.

At the Minnie’s House, you can get a glimpse of Mickey and Minnie’s daily lives, as Mickey is always with Minnie.

Being a walk-through attraction which does not require you to wait in line most of the times, it is a very good attraction for people with small children, especially girls who love pretty things. Adults can also enjoy it like treasure hunting.

2: Let’s pick out Minnie’s outfits

Next to the entrance of the Minnie’s House is Minnie’s dressing room.

Along with a bed, a dresser and other cute furniture, there is a touch-panel coloring device with which you can pick out Minnie’s entire outfits.

You can choose colors for her ribbon, dress, shoes, etc. freely with the device, which is so much fun for both children and adults. But adult guests may want to yield it to especially small girls who would be really excited with coloring.

Just watching how children color Minnie’s outfits will make you feel happy.

3: A magic mirror that shows heart marks in your eyes

At the far end of the dressing room is a dresser only for Minnie.

It has a large heart-shaped mirror, which is already cute when you see it from a distance, but please stand in front of it and look at yourself in the mirror.

Surprisingly, if you look into the mirror, you will find cute heart marks in your eyes.

You will never notice it unless looking into the mirror. Finding such a small trick will surely make you feel delighted.

4: Scent of Minnie’s favorite perfume

Another interesting thing around the dresser is a set of perfume bottles.

The bottles are not just colorful and cute; if you push them to spray perfume, you can actually smell its nice scent.

It has a mild fragrance of soap, which really fits the cute image of Minnie. Try smelling it once.

5: Minnie’s girlish mind hidden behind the cookies

Beyond the bedroom is a kitchen and dining area. On the cute dining table there, you will find cookies that look so delicious.

There is a message note written by Minnie, which says they are “diet cookies”, but what is different from normal cookies?

You will find the answer if you try to touch them.

Actually, these are ‘illusory’ cookies that you can see but cannot touch.

The cookies on the plate are just a 3D image refracted by lenses, so there are no cookies there.

You can’t eat no matter how much you want to; it’s definitely an ultimate cookie for dieters. It seems Minnie is not different from ordinary young girls interested in going on a diet.

6: The birthday cake Minnie is baking is of course for…

Inside the oven in the kitchen area, there is something like a cake.

If you turn the switch, it is baked slowly to be a gorgeous three-tier cake, where some secret about Minnie is hidden.

If you keep watching the Minnie’s handmade cake gradually fluffing up until it is done, you will find letters “Happy”, “Birthday” and “Mickey” on respective tiers.

The message can be seen only for a moment after baking is done, so once you turn on the oven, you are recommended to watch it rise until the end.

Yes, she is baking a birthday cake for her beloved Mickey, taking time and love.

7: Find a Mickey!

Next to the oven is a refrigerator, which you can open and see inside. If you look closely at a seasoning bottle on the fridge door, there is a hidden Mickey!

It is so tiny that you will easily overlook. It is surprising that Disney’s ingenuities are found in such detailed places.

8: Listen carefully at the melody of boiling sound

Next, turn your eyes to above the oven.

There is a pot for boiling water that Minnie uses when having tea.

If you turn the switch on the burner and wait, the water boils and makes a boiling sound. Now, listen closely to the sound.

If you don’t pay attention, it sounds like a familiar hissing noise, but if you listen to it carefully, it is actually making the melody of “Mickey Mouse Club March”!

It starts with a plain boiling sound first and then gradually changes into the melody of the song, so once you turn the switch, make sure to hear it out until the end.

9: A magic well where Minnie prays for your wishes to come true

There is a well outside the Minnie’s House. If you come closer to it, you will find a message from Minnie there.

The well has a plate saying “Welcome to my backyard well; A secret wish you now must tell; My reply will echo clear; To all my friends so near and dear! Love, Minnie”. Try throwing a coin into the well and making a wish.

Then, you will hear a reply from Minnie.

The messages returned back are not always the same.

You don’t know what message she gives you until you actually try making a wish.

After visiting the Minnie’s House, you will feel as if you really visited her home and are now much closer to Minnie.

Unfortunately you can’t meet Minnie there because she is out, but it must be a fun experience to feel Minnie’s daily lives in the cute attraction with lots of small tricks and ingenuities.

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