tdr0542_How often the clock tower of “It’s a Small World” door opens?


“It’s a Small World” is an attraction that every Disney park in the world has.

It is a boat type ride attraction that goes around “Europe→Asia→Africa→Central and South Africa→Oceania→Finale” along melody of “It’s a Small World”.

So, when speaking of “It’s a Small World”, the façade (design of front of building) is very impressive.

It was white and blue when the Tokyo Disneyland opened, but now it changed brilliant coloring that used warm colors richly and it made the look more impressive.

There is one more feature with such colorful façade.

That is the door of clock tower that is set the center of façade.

From that door the music of “It’s a Small World” plays and 24 of dolls that are wearing each country’s costume comes out to make the guests enjoy on certain times.

And they go back to the door and come out again, but do you know how often they come out?

Actually it is set to appear every 15 minutes.

The interval is actually very short, right?

By making the interval short many guests can be seen.

It is not a bad idea to see them coming out the door when coming near or enjoy the attraction of “It’s a Small World”.

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