tdr0534_Is Western River Railroad really a steam locomotive?


Speaking of a riverboat of Tokyo Disneyland is “Mark Twain Riverboat” and when speaking of steam locomotive of Tokyo Disneyland is “Western River Railroad”.

It is an attraction that opened at the same time Tokyo Disneyland opened and is a steam locomotive that depart from Adventureland going through Critter Country and Westernland and back to Adventureland.

Anyway, “Western River Railroad” is just like I have explained above, it is labeled as a “steam locomotive”, but actually many guests think “it is not a real steam locomotive that it is just pretending”.

So, is it real or not?

“Western River Railroad” is not just pretending it is the real “steam locomotive”.

It uses kerosene (heavily oil when Tokyo Disneyland opened) as fuel and is running by using power of steam of hot water that is boiled by kerosene. And cast who is a driver is actually operating the regulator valve (it is same as accelerator of cars) to adjust the speed of steam locomotive.

By the way, the body that has 4 cars uses design of locomotive that actually used in America in 19th Century.

That is why it has classic atmosphere.

Don’t you think it is a very unique idea to make the steam locomotive runs inside the park for real?

Although, it is a very fun attraction for the generation that doesn’t know steam locomotive.

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