tdr0528_“It’s a Small World” composed in a very short time?


In the attraction “It’s a Small World”, approximately 550 small dolls dressed in their indigenous garbs welcome the guests.

You can travel around the world in a boat in order of Europe, Asia, Africa, Central/South America, Oceania and a Finale scene.

The attraction’s theme song has the same title: It’s a Small World.

The lyrics are easy to memorize and understand, and the melody is very memorable.In fact, Walt made various suggestions in the process of making “It’s a Small World”.

One of them was to play the national anthem while the boat is traveling in each country. However, it was turned down because national anthems have completely different tunes and tempos and do not match the attraction.

Then, he made a suggestion that the song should be ‘able to be sung in any language’, ‘easy to sing and play’, and ‘simple, cute and easy to remember’. He requested the Sherman Brothers, Robert and Richard, to compose it.

The Sherman Brothers had been working mainly as songwriters for Disney film music. They won Academy Award in the categories of Best Original Song and Best Substantially Original Score for songs in “Mary Poppins”. Surprisingly, they composed “It’s a Small World” in only two weeks after requested by Walt.

They first presented the song as a slow ballad, but Walt requested it to be more cheerful and up-tempo. So they arranged the song to make the current happy version.

Walt was so delighted with the final result and changed the title from the tentative “Children of the World” to “It’s a Small World”.

It is surprising that the world-famous masterpiece “It’s a Small World” was composed in just two weeks, isn’t it?

Furthermore, they met the Walt’s difficult request that the song should be simple, cute and easy to remember in such a short period of time. It shows how amazingly talented they were.

Brilliant songwriters like the Sherman Brothers are definitely the important constituents of the Disney’s world.

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