tdr0525_The performance that filled with white horse of “Castle Carousel”


Speaking of carousel of Tokyo Disneyland is “Castle Carousel”, which is an attraction in motif of Cinderella.

It has 90 of rocking horses and the size and graceful looking exterior has luxuriousness that cannot be comparing to other amusement park’s carousels.

What so special about this Castle Carousel is that all rocking horses are “white horses”.

By that every guest can become and feel “princess or prince” equally when getting on any rocking horse.

So, with such “Castle Carousel” there is one other special trick that makes guest feel “prince or princess”.

Actually, the each and all 90 white horses are made differently.

With “Castle Carousel”, the rocking horse’s expression, the angle of face, the angle of legs, pose, and ornaments have made differently to make all the rocking horses look different.

Circling the same looking rocking horses around seems very simple and foolish, but when the rocking horses are different then those problems get solved.

More than that when the rocking horses are “different” the guests would have sense of specialness that it boosts up the feeling of being “princess or prince”.

Because of these fine considerations, Tokyo Disneyland is loved for so long time.

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