【tdr0519】 “It’s a Small World” was planed used certain song at first


“It’s a Small World” is a small world that about 550 of figures fills colors of the world.

The attraction moves in order of “Europe-Asia-Africa-South and Central America-Oceania-Finale” and is an attraction that can be enjoyed going whole small world by seeing figures that imaged each country and seeing the view.

And when speaking of this attraction, the thing we cannot forget is the theme song of “It’s a Small World”.

It is perfect title for this attraction, but at first there was no plan of preparing the theme song for this attraction.

It was the time planning the “It’s a Small World”.

At that time, Walt Disney was planning to use “national anthem for each country” for background music. The national anthem referents each country, so he thought of a great idea for making guests to imagine the each country.

And when trying to set the national anthem… This seriously didn’t go well with the attraction.

The national anthem is a song that reflects each country’s national characteristics. Of course the tempo or melody are different.

Latin kind countries often have up-tempo song, German kinds have strong melody, Slav kinds have sense of despair, and Japanese national anthem is very slow. So they are totally different.

Whether how hard trying to put them together it is such a mess that as if we are doing “intro quiz”.

This cannot be expressing the world view.

At the end “the idea of using national anthem” didn’t work out, so the song “It’s a Small World” that we know was created.

By the way, “It’s a Small World” is structured having longer section of the country it is in, so with Tokyo Disneyland, Japan section is longer than other countries.

If the “idea of using national anthem” was accepted, the short Japanese national anthem probably played the whole song.

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