【tdr0516】”Pirates of the Caribbean” is not for kids? What is slave trade auction?


Adventure type attraction “Pirates of the Caribbean” is opened at the same time Tokyo Disneyland opened, which is on April 15th 1983 and have renovated hugely on July 20th 2007 and took in the elements of film “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Familiar faces like “Captain Jack Sparrow” or “Captain Hector Barbossa” appears and is one of popular adventure type attractions of Tokyo Disneyland.

The appeal of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is audio animatronics expressing perfectly and realistically the world of pirates.

Seeing pirates that have seen in the film going crazy is like you have got into the film world.

But to be honest, this attraction is not “for kids”.

Small children have strong pirates image of “strong and cool existence” from the influence of comic books, but the real pirates are “very inhuman that attack the town, kidnaping women, rape, and plunder over and over again and burn the town at last”.

Even in this attraction there are scenes chasing after women or torturing the mayor with water.

By that, many opinions that “this is not good for kids” and small changes had occurred, but it doesn’t mean they changed everything.

Because this attraction is taking care of the original pirates figure or historical bits, so there are “scenes that doesn’t want child to see” are left.

The noticeable scene is the scene that women were captured by pirates and making them lined up with rope tying their hands.

As the banner that is hanged behind the women says “Auction. Take a Wench for a Bride.” it is expressing the scene of “slave trade” auction.

Some women is crying and some are happy that she can get married. This scene gives strong shock for kids, so it is not a scene that willing to show it to small kids.

It would be great parents to judge if it is okay kids to see it when taking kids with you.

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