【tdr0506】Minnie’s House stimulates sense of smell? Perfume that Minnie uses


“Minnie’s House”, which is free action type attraction that is located ToonTown of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is such a cute house that is full of femininity that interiors are so cute that windows are heart shaped.

It is different from “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey” that you cannot meet Minnie Mouse, but it is a popular attraction that can be enjoyed by looking at pictures of memories with Mickey, listen to voice message, or touching oven or dish washer.

Anyway, there is more creativeness other than stimulates sight, hearing, or sense of touch hiding at such Minnie’s House.

That creativeness is hiding at her dressing room.

At her dressing room there are few perfume that Minnie uses and when you push the pump of the perfume it blows out good smell lightly.

Isn’t it surprising that they consider about the scent?

By the way, the perfume that can find at Minnie’s House does not exist with Disney perfume that is on the market.

For those who want to smell the Minnie’s smell why not visit the Minnie’s House and check it out.

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