【tdr0498】Which Disney character hidden at Haunted Mansion?


“Haunted Mansion” is a horror type attraction that is located at Tokyo Disneyland.

Even inside the mansion that 999 of ghosts live “hidden xxx” just like “hidden Mickey” is hiding.

The place where you can find the “hidden xxx” is between the study where it appears right a way after going on the ride. There is fine chair with red velour and “some character” is embroidered on the backrest of the chair.

That character is “Donald Duck”.

The embroider on chair shaped Donald’s face that there is his hat on top of the backrest, scroll on just under the hat is his eyes, three lines on center is his nose, and fan shaped under that is his beak.

It’s just so look like an ordinary embroider, so it is difficult to notice. But this embroider patter has covert popularity that T-shirt with same patters printed is sold in America.

Pay attention to the patterns on the chair when you entered “Haunted Mansion”.

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