【tdr0494】The secret under the Mark Twain Riverboat


“Mark Twain Riverboat” is well known as “aquatic palace” of Tokyo Disneyland.

Mark Twain Riverboat, which is 4 layer structured ship and is so big that 475 people can get on and is reproduction of a-side wheeler that navigated Mississippi River during 1850’s and named after the author of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

Because it is not fake, it is a ship, so it is registered as a passenger ship according to Ship Act and it is an attraction that has full of presence that actually cruises the “Rivers of America”.

“Mark Twain Riverboat” runs except when the strong wind that puts in danger of it rolling sideway.

When it is running it goes the same route every time.

It runs the same place, making turns with same angle to goes around the “River of America”, but how come it is possible to do so?

That answer is hidden under the “Rivers of America”.

Actually, rail is existing under the “Rivers of America”, so “Mark Twain Riverboat” runs along that rail.

It is because there is a rail, so it moves forward the same route without running off the edge.

This is all for the “guest’s safety”.

When it happens not making a turn where it has to or going where it suppose not to due to rain and wind then it leads to a huge accident.

To avoid accidents the rail is provided.

Even the rail controls it; it is still a real passenger ship that is registered.

How about enjoying the graceful cruising?

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