【tdr0486】”Dumbo the Flying Elephant” was planed to be “Pink Elephants of Parade”?


“Dumbo the Flying Elephant” is an attraction that opened at Fantasyland at the same time Tokyo Disneyland opened and is created based on the feature length animated film “Dumbo”.

It is an attraction that can enjoy going around the air anticlockwise by adjusting the lever to go up or down by going on 16 Dumbo shaped ride.

It is such a cute attraction that kids get crazy about that they can change the altitude as they like, but when it was planning this attraction it was supposed to be different than current attraction.

The Dumbo shaped ride goes around in the air, but when planning this attraction it named “10 Pink Elephants on Parade”, which is “Pink elephants” shaped ride attraction.

In the middle of story, Dumbo gets drunk by drinking water that has alcohol in it, which circus member dropped.

Then what drunk Dumbo saw was illusion of “pink elephants”.

He sees abnormal scene that two legged pink elephants that has black eyes with no pupil of eye march like a brass band while making their nose instruments.

Pink elephants that do anything like changing shape or dance.

Because it was so unreal and weird look, so with this scene many kids traumatized.

This “Pink elephants” were about to become as an attraction, but Walt Disney was the one who stopped this plan.

As I have explained above, Walt could not imagine this to become an attraction of Fantasyland that involves “weird pink elephants that appeared as illusion by alcohol”.

It is inappropriate for the attraction for the kids and more than anything that kids could end up not wanting to go on this attraction. He cute attraction was created that made color changes to Dumbo that is all because Walt disapproved.

If it kept as in pink then what would guests response.

I wonder how it ended up.

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