【tdr0447】Jungle Cruise was trying to use real animal?


“Jungle Cruise Wildlife Expedition” opened on September 8th 2014 after suspending service and renewing from January 6th 2014.

Former “Jungle Cruise” was an attraction that has 0.43mile course that is made with Amazon River, Nile, and Irrawaddy and animals located, which created by about 160 of audio animatronics, but after renewing the show effect like illumination or special effects became more powerful.

Original music plays to the whole attraction and “night cruise” that can be enjoyed only at night was added, so it is becoming more popular attraction than before.

When stuff planning such “Jungle Cruise” first they were imagining more dynamic than now. That is because Walt Disney, who is the founder of Disney brought up an idea of “creating it with real animals”.

Because Walt has strong intention for real thing that has presence, so that is why he brought an idea of making jungle real. Real animals are more powerful compare to dolls or robots also the scale gets bigger.

But it is matter of course animals are living things, so it cannot be controlled like humans.

We cannot tell the animals to “stay here, do not move from this spot” plus animals won’t listen, so there is possibility of them sleeping facing away from guests or hiding.

It is not possible to make animals to stay at same place, so some guests ended up not seeing animals and it is not easy to handle animals.

To make guests who goes on the attraction enjoy equally it was for the best to set audio animatronics of animals that looks real.

Even he had intention for real thing this cannot be helped.

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