【tdr0443】The maximum number of turnings of Alice’s Tea Party is mad!


“Alice’s Tea Party” is located Fantasyland of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is a ride “coffee cup” type attraction, which is typical for theme park attraction.

At this attraction the cup is shape teacup, because it is tea party, but having handle and cup turning is the same.

By turning the handle, which is set at the center of the cup it makes the turning speed fast, so I am sure many people feel sick after turning so much when carried away.

Especially, kids think they need to turn fast as they can, so I am pretty sure the parents are having hard time.

At this “Alice’s Tea Party” there is limitation of turning speed of cup for safety that 45 turns per minute is maximum speed.

Even that it makes 3 turns in 4 seconds…It is so fast even it is for the safety.

Attraction is there to enjoy.

Let’s not turn too much by considering the people you are going on with to not make them feel sick.

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