【tdr0430】The 8 things to prepare to enjoy the most of Disneyland date


Have you ever heard of urban legend of “couple that visited Disneyland breaks up”? It is an urban legend that “it is depends on you whether believing it or not”. If you prepare to have fun and not believing the urban legend then you won’t end up breaking up.

So, I would like to introduce few preparations before going to Disneyland or attitude.

-Important to search beforehand.

It would be a disaster when the Disneyland is not yet opened even you are in front of the entrance. May be that leads to argument and breaking up!? But this is just lack of research, not an urban legend. Tokyo Disneyland opens and closes depending on the days.

On the website of Tokyo Disney Resort there is “Calendar/Schedule” button that you can see the open and close time at “Park Operation Calendar”. First, check carefully the schedule.

It is also important to see the weather of the day you are planning to go on website of Meteorological Agency or Yahoo! When preparing according to the weather either it is sunny, rainy, hot, or chilly then you would not have to get panic when weather changes.

For example, when you have something warm to wear when it gets chilly from evening even the temperature is high during the day then your girlfriend or boyfriend feels awe for your kindness.

-Weekdays are recommended than weekends.

Weekends, holidays, long vacation like summer vacation is the busy period for Tokyo Disneyland, so it is crowded even before going inside the park and even you are inside the park the waiting time gets longer than usual. The worst case the entrance restriction will be occur.

To avoid that is to go on weekdays. Of course it is hard to arrange the time during weekdays, so that is why the park gets crowded, but if both of you are able to go on the weekdays then it is better to avoid weekends.

-Prepare the ticket beforehand.

It is defiantly recommended to purchase Disneyland’s park ticket beforehand. There are few type of park tickets that can be purchased beforehand like the ticket without the dates, which is for people who like to get the ticket without deciding the date or ticket with specific dates on, which is for people who know when they are going.

Ticket without specific date sometime not able to get in on time when there is restriction, so it is recommended to purchase with specific dates on the ticket, which takes you inside the park even there is restriction. Ticket with specific dates on can be purchased 2 months before the date.

Also, park ticket can be purchased at Disney Stores in Japan or shops that has ticket counter. Ticket counter is located at outlet shopping mall and everywhere in Japan except certain shops in Kyushu and Kansai. You can also check if the ticket counter is located at the shop on the Disney Store official website.

Toyo Disney Resort website can be used to purchase the ticket online, make hotel reservation, and restaurant reservation.

-Be careful what you wear.

It is natural thing to think you want to look cute, because it is a date and going to Disneyland. But wait for a moment.

By considering that you will be walking around the large park and waiting for an attraction for long time, so wearing shoes that is difficult to walk around is not an ideal. High heel is out of consideration. The feet gets painful and get tired that ruins the spirits when not choosing shoes that able to make you walk around.

It would be best to consider wearing clothes that is easy to move around more than how you look by the same reason with shoes. Also, it would be easier to move around when having bag that can be carried hanged from your shoulder rather than handbag. Wouldn’t it be better to consider how you can enjoy the day rather than consider how you look?

-Be prepared that it would be crowded.

Be prepared that Tokyo Disneyland is crowded from the moment you get off the train at Maihama station. And when getting inside the park, of course the attraction, restaurants and bathrooms are crowded depending on the time. When you get irritated with that situation every time then that will be the cause of breaking up.

If you are prepared and knowing that “Disneyland is crowded” then you wouldn’t have to be irritated each time. The earlier the better when reserving place of eating or watching show to avoid the crowdedness.

-Think about what you will be doing while waiting in the queue.

You will be waiting in the queue at many places at Disneyland. When conversation doesn’t continue and both feels awkward is one of possibility of breaking up. Therefore, it would be better to prepare what to do when queuing up.

For example, bring puzzle ring or cat’s cradle that doesn’t bother other people or bring riddle book is also a good idea.

It would be a great way of killing the time that can only be done at Disneyland because you are at Disneyland. Like finding “Hidden Mickey”, which is typical… There are “Hidden Mickey” that is made with three circles, which can be found on the ground or wall everywhere.

Plus the whole Mickey Mouse or other character is hiding somewhere other than three circles Mickey. To kill the time finding those then the time flies not knowing.

-Plan beforehand.

When deciding what to do at Disneyland then you may end up arguing or wasting time, which can be the cause of breaking up.

It would be better to decided what you want to get on, what you want to see and in which order before going to Disneyland.

There is priority admission system called “fastpass” depending on the attraction. You can shorten the waiting time by getting “fastpass ticket” at fastpass ticket machine. Check which attraction can be used with fastpass.

Also restaurants have priority seating system that takes you to the table priority with reservation. This can be reserved on Tokyo Disney Resort official website. There are restaurants that can be enjoyed while watching show, but these are reservation only, so it would be best to make reservation early the possible.

-Be the same as usual dates.

You don’t have to be nervous because you are going to Disneyland. When cherishing the time you two spend just like the usual dates then conversation of breaking up won’t come up.

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