【tdr0427】Consideration that is hiding behind the waiting space of The Enchanted Tiki Room


“The Enchanted Tiki Room Stich presents “Aloha E Komo Mai” is opened on July 25th, 2008 at Adventureland of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is show type attraction that selecting “Stich” as main character of the show from film “Lilo and Stitch” and four birds “Manu”, “Mahina”, “Hanoli”, and “Waha Nui”, which is “Birds of Paradise” from Hawaii sing.

So, guests get explanation beforehand from casts at waiting space, which is outside.

This is to make guests to enjoy more the attraction.

The cast explains where the “Tiki” of “The Enchanted Tiki Room” coming from or other thing, but when it is cold outside guests feel stunned.

I am sure they all want to get inside the room where the heater is and warm.

By considering such guests some “certain thing” is created at waiting space of “The Enchanted Tiki Room Stich presents “Aloha E Komo Mai”.

That is “heater for seats”.

Actually the rock seats at waiting space are very warm when sitting down, because the heater is set inside the rock like floor heating.

Then the time listing the cast explaining can be cope.

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