【tdr0411】Behavior that Male cast took to make the female guest a princess


“Castle Carousel”, which is a carousel type attraction located Fantasyland of Tokyo Disneyland.

The exterior took in motif of Cinderella and it is graceful and the appearance of it lighted up is just showing the fantasy it self.

All the 90 rocking horse are white horse and every guest can be the “prince or princess” by going on any rocking horse.

One day there was a female guest having trouble at this attraction.

The female guest was wearing tight skirt and suit, which is not very suitable to go on the rocking horse. Of course she cannot lift her legs up, so there was no way to get on without lifting her legs up.

It would be different if there were a stool, but it doesn’t appear that conveniently and she gave up on going on the rocking horse after considering.

Male cast saw the female guest having a trouble.

He realized what she was having trouble with when getting close to her hurriedly and he kneeled down on his one knee before her said “please step on my knee and get on the white horse”.

She hesitates by what he did, but she presumes upon his kindness of “ the dirt can be removed by washing it” and she successfully could go on the white horse.

The situation is like “a prince escorting princess who having trouble”. The female guest who was touched about his behavior sent thank you letter later.

The male cast who didn’t let the female cast mortify, but satisfied with flexible correspondence.

To be able to make an action like that even not having that in manual is because casts are thinking about the guests every day.

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