【tdr0402】Who is “Smiley Brothers” that appears in Jungle Cruise?


Tokyo Disneyland popular attraction “Jungle Cruise”, which created with Amazon River, Nile, and Irrawaddy River is built based on an experience of Walt going up the South America Columbia’s river in 1941.

About 160 of animals that made with audio animatronics on the 0.43 miles course that you can explore the presence jungle.

During the attraction you see many animals and unique characters.

And today, I would like to introduce the “Smiley Brothers”.

When you hear brothers smiling make you imagine cute animals, but Smiley Brothers is twin crocodiles. This twin crocodiles seem like waiting while opening the mouth widely, but when you see it closely they are smiling.

It appears on the right hand side of traveling direction and Skipper (captain) who is a guide also introduce about them, so please check them out when you are on Jungle Cruise.

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